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Pakha's Thai House Restaurant
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Pakha's Thai House Brings Far East Flavor to Northern York County
By Mary Lou Bytof -- Dillsburg Banner

In swimsuit season, it’s nice to know that we can forsake the starch-laden, local Pennsylvania Dutch cuisine, bypass all those pizza shops, and settle down for a quiet relaxing dinner at the newest restaurant in town.
Pakha’s, owned by its namesake Pakha Lingle, specializes in Thai cuisine featuring an abundance of fresh vegetables, chicken, seafood, and pork. It’s located on US Route 15 North in the old Grapevine Restaurant location.
The new restaurant held its grand opening last Saturday. Patrons were treated to prompt service, and a choice of main courses appetizer, dessert and a beverage.

Although this is her first restaurant, Pakha is no stranger to the food service business and to Thai cuisine.
As a young girl growing up in Thailand, she started her own business making and selling a high-protein drink called "Yakult". Anyone who visited the Thai food stand last year at Farmer’s fair already has tasted Pakha’s native cooking. This stand was a trial run, according to the owner.
"All out food is fresh," Pakha says. "We serve nothing out of can"
In addition to an abundance of vegetables, Thai chefs frequently use curry, coconut milk, and fresh herbs in their dishes. A popular Thai food, Pad Thai, consists of sauteed rice noodles with shrimp, bean sprout, eggs, scallions, and Thai seasonings. The lunch menu features specialties costing approximately $6, while the dinner menus run between $7 and $13.

Like the flavor of the food, the decor of the restaurant is strictly Thai. Ornate figurines, nicknacks, posters, colorful pictures and other Thailand memorabilia tastefully transport dinners to another world.
Pakha and her husband, Rick: young daughter Merinda, 5; and son Trevor, 3, make the business a family affair. While Rick works inside and outside the kitchen, Merinda decided that her job is to point to the no-smoking signs to remind customers of the house rules.
"Our restaurant is strictly no-smoking. We don’t want to ruin the taste of the good food," Pakha exclaimed.


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